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Minnesota’s public services should not be for sale to the lowest bidder.  Essential services are government’s responsibility. 

It’s risky business to let cut-rate workers plow our roads, keep our dangerous criminals behind bars, and care for our sick and vulnerable. 

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Taxpayers deserve quality and accountability.  We expect that:

  • snow and ice will be removed from our roads for safe winter driving
  • criminals will remain in prison where they cannot harm us
  • our sick and vulnerable will be well cared for in hospitals and nursing homes  

National polls show that most voters oppose privatization, particularly when it results in gross profiteering, reduced services and harmful consequences.

Privateers preach three steps to salvation: shrink government, slash public spending and cut taxes.  It’s an ideological scam that ranks profits over people.

Governor Jeb Bush’s push to privatize public services has cost Floridians millions of dollars:

  • Unisys won an $86 million contract to administer health insurance plans for more than 100,000 state employees, retirees and their dependents.  For two years, state employees and retirees put up with an insurance system that didn’t work.  Taxpayers covered a $200 million deficit created by the fiasco.

  • The state hired Lockheed Martin and Maximus to streamline records and collect child support from deadbeat parents.  Consultants received a $4.5 million contract to collect $104 million in child support.  Only $207,000 was collected.

  • The Legislature, mistrusting the Department of Corrections, established the Correctional Privatization Commission to send convicts to private prisons.  The commission has been wracked with scandals, and the private corporations (Wackenhut and The Corrections Corporation of America), which contributed heavily to political campaigns, haven’t provided the cheaper, higher-quality services they promised
Read on to learn about reasons to oppose private takeover of public services:
  1. Quality services are sacrificed for corporate profits.
  2. There’s no proof that privatization saves money.
  3. Privatization is a budget shell game – cost shifting is not cost savings.
  4. When privatization fails, citizens pay the price.
  5. Private contractors are not held accountable.
  6. Contracts are often awarded to politically connected individuals and firms.
  7. Local control of vital services is diminished.
  8. Public access to basic services is restricted.
  9. It’s a recipe for reduced wages and benefits.
  10. Low-paid government workers – administrative and custodial – are targeted.

Visit the “Take Action” page to find out how you can curb the private takeover trend in Minnesota.

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